Jay Chou:The Rooftop

The Rooftop is a 2013 Taiwanese film. It is the second feature film directed by Taiwanese singer/actor Jay Chou. Similar to his first feature film, Secret, Jay played multiple roles in the production of the film, as the main lead, director, script-writer and music composer.


The Rooftop is one of the many scripts that Jay Chou has written since the success of Secret in 2007. Most of the scripts are sequels to Secret. However, Jay Chou and his long-time friend Will Liudecided to work on The Rooftop as a challenge to produce the first Chinese mainstream musical-come-martial arts film. They claimed that The Rooftop is a film that is difficult to be categorized, for it combined the elements of musical extravaganza and actions. Jay Chou has made good use of his experience from filming The Green Hornet in Hollywood, Initial D in Hong Kong and directing over 60 of his own music videos, to conceptualize The Rooftop with music as its roots,[2] combined with actions, to create a genre never seen before in Asia.