Bang Your Ears–Let’s party!

BIGBANG’s come back attracted millions of fans and it is the first time they will bring the 2015 BIGBANG World Tour [MADE] to Sydney and Melbourne. Before this, let’s take a look of their concerts that had happened in other cities.


The first concert that BIGBANG held in Seoul, Korea before they officially came back has attracted 26,000 people came to watch. BIGBANG also performed their new song <Loser> in the concert, which made more expectation for all VIPs. After the concert in Seoul, BIGBANG continuosly added concerts in China. The first concert in China was held in Guangzhou, followed by Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Wuhan and Hongkong. The BIGBANG kept the heat in China and more concerts are added in more cities.



Moreover, the tickets for BIGBANG concerts also became to the hottest tickets to get. Tickets were always sold out in no more than 3 minutes for each on-sale in each city of China. Considering of the VIP's enthusiasm, the Organiser decided to add more shows on 25, 26, 27 of September in Taiwan.



For other areas, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia BIGBANG always kept the records for ticket sales. The ticket seckills for BIGBANG concerts also proved the popularity of BIGBANG in Asia. Especially for Malaysia, one more concert was decided to add after all kills of tickets for first concert.



Sydney, are you ready? VIPs, are you ready? Let’s party!