2016 Karen Mok Regardez World Tour In Melbourne

Karen Mok officially announced the commencement of an overseas show tour and began a magnificent journey in Australia. “Karen Mok Regardez World Tour” began with a grand launch at the Taipei Arena and travelled to other major cities, making Karen became the Hong Kong female singer who had the most personal concerts in mainland China. With a keen sense of art and visual beauty, Karen Mok took over the responsibility of the concert director. Under the guidance of Director Mok, an aesthetics with gems, stories, vision, emotional transmission, and more gorgeous fashion will soon begin. The concert also had Arai Soichiro, the 26th best producer of the album in 2015 as music director. He brought in many new musical elements to the concert and adapt some classic songs, which will surprise audiences.


At that time, Karen Mok will bring popular songs such as The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships and Diva. She will also sing a series of warmhearted songs such as Longer and My Dear, etc., creating a touched atmosphere. The concerts also run through the main axis, including Regardez, Beyond Borders and I that inflames people. In addition, Karen Mok will sing the songs Precious and Departures. The audiences also have a chance to see her excellent electric music solo, adding a lot of attention to the concert.

Event Details