2016 ‘Sammi Cheng Touch Mi World Tour’ In Melbourne

After five years, Sammi Zheng, a pop diva in Asian music, has started a world tour again!

“Touch Mi” ~ “Touch Melbourne & Sydney”

Hosted by BlackCat Live and organised by Award Entertainment Global, ‘Sammi Cheng Touch Mi World Tour’ Australia will be held in Margaret Court Arena Melbourne on 20 April 2016 and also in The Star Event Centre Sydney on 22 – 23 April.

Sammi has launched “Sammi Zheng Touch Mi World Tour” since 2015. She presented 12 concerts in Hong Kong, 2 concerts in Genting Malaysia, 2 in Macau, 1 in Singapore, 2 in Guangzhou and 1 in Foshan. Each concert is almost full house and tickets sold out quickly.

Show Mi”~“Love Mi”~ “Touch Mi”

When announcing the concert, Sammi seems to be excited, “From “Show Mi” to “Love Mi”, it finally comes to “Touch Mi.” I can’t express how excited I am! I recognised that I must do my best and repay you for your love and support.”

Sammi Cheng’s 12 concerts in Hong Kong triggered an upsurge and became the most discussed concert in the city. Sammi’s performances have always been extremely exciting and this Touch Mi concert certainly won’t disappoint us. She always implements the hundreds of morphs and shows off in dazzling, sexy outfits. In addition to the vitality and energy of dancing, the delicate and soft love songs, the infectious gospel songs, fully demonstrated Sammi’s diversified performance and attract her fans deeply.

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